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Silicone Rubber Waterproof Material Favored by the Market

Silicon gel is often used as a dehumidification drier, water absorption, moisture-proof agents, catalysts, fillers, etc. With modern petrochemical, pharmaceutical , biochemical , analytical techniques , pesticides, paper , paint and other technology, is also gradually moving towards the fine silica , specialization , more widely, in the analysis , separation and catalyst carrier , paints, etc. aspects of the application continues to expand. Silica according to shape, size, diameter, uses, adsorption characteristics to classify different varieties, different applications. Production varieties: silicone varieties, producing quality products, there are big differences. Currently, the domestic production and use by silica gel can be broadly grouped into the following categories: (1) silica gel desiccant : There are A -type silica gel , the silica pores , the average pore diameter of 2-3nm, with ball -and block are two, in addition to type B silica gel , aperture 4-6nm, mainly ball . (2) Cat litter: mainly type C silica gel, with an average pore diameter of 8-12nm, including spherical and massive. As the largest varieties VI for cats, dogs and other pet litter, absorbing their droppings. (3) Column chromatography silica gel: including silica gel thin layer chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography stationary phase (HPLC), and column chromatography silica gel. Silica gel column chromatography which is relatively fast development in recent years silicone varieties, there are reagent grade and industrial grade , mainly used in pharmaceutical , biotechnology and other active substances preparative separation . Others: There are used for oil, gas dehydration of alumina gel, FNG water-resistant silica gel;, and type A, B, C silica gel processed silica gel indicator; used in the catalyst of the coarse pore silica microspheres; well gas condensate micron silica plastic: including beer silica coating matting agent, digital photo paper precoating agent, plastic opening agents, food additives, etc., in the country has produced. Silicon gel Industry Status and Challenges 1, product costs rise sharply Since 2007 for silicon gel production of all kinds of raw materials, energy and labor costs have risen, recent hot sodium silicate raw materials prices rose sharply, led to the current demand, according to experts' forecast, for a long time, the price will not fall. 2, energy conservation long way to go Silicon gel energy consumption per tonne of product produced at about 1.5 tons of standard coal; water consumption of 24 tons; wastewater emissions are 20 tons, according to the current production process equipment used in corporate and product mix in order to achieve the "Eleventh five " countries for energy saving by 20%, water 30% reduction in emissions reduction target of 10% and a far cry. Although the production of energy saving companies are grasping attempt to reduce costs, but without major technical equipment and product mix of innovation, they would have little effect, the completion of the "Eleventh Five” goal has long way to go. 3, backward production technology, low level of technology and equipment. Although in recent years the development of silicon gel cat litte gradually take fast, some silicon gel enterprises in the energy has also done a lot of work, but also achieved some results, but did not significantly improve the overall level of technology , production equipment or the use of most of the previous forms of control measures simple , low labor productivity and so on.