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Silica gel desiccant Industry Analysis

China's production of silica gel desiccant increasing variety of equipment, expanding the scope of the level and quality of products is rapidly increasing competitiveness in the market is growing. Particular, China's government has introduced a support export of all related policies, silica gel desiccant for domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises to create an excellent external condition, which show that our silica gel desiccant equipment good prospects for development.
In international competition, China's equipment manufacturing enterprises silica gel desiccant main competitors are Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, USA and Japan. Compared with competitors , the advantages of silica gel desiccant equipment heating equipment is inexpensive , mainly due to inadequate degree of automation and control products , the appearance of quality , complete and functional aspects of a combination to be further improved.
Silica gel desiccant temperature air to the inert carrier was heated fluidized state, if the material fed into the nozzle, the more evenly attached to the atomization surface of inert carrier. Spray the surface of the film on an inert support material, inside to the higher temperature of the thermal effect of the inert carrier, by the fluidizing gas outside the strong convection to the rapid evaporation of water, dried, ground into a powder by an inert carrier like product.
Installed on top of the carrier separating inert carrier allows full return bottom, fine dry powder product was dried by air out outdoors, and captured into the capture system. Wet material into the drying chamber volume installed in the feed pump on the motor stepless speed regulation. Drying process control parameters for the drying tower temperature and pressure.
Some knowledge about Silica gel desiccant
Silica gel desiccant also called adsorption agent is used in the moisture, mold side, from the drying effect. In addition to water vapor adsorption method using silica gel desiccant silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieve, activated charcoal, bone charcoal, charcoal, mineral desiccant silica gel or activated clay and so on. In addition to using chemical absorption of water vapor adsorption agents are commonly used calcium chloride, lime or phosphorus pentoxide large chemical affinity with water vapor substance. Adsorption agent is an absorbing moisture from the atmosphere in addition agent , and its drying principle is physically adsorbed water molecules in the structure itself , or by chemical means to absorb water molecules and change its chemical structure into another substances .
a, it can most adsorbed silica gel desiccant to its own weight up to 40% of water vapor. This adsorption efficiency than typical desiccant clay about 35% higher than the weight and the production efficiency of the preferred silica gel desiccant important factor.
b, silica gel desiccant it also has a virtually unlimited shelf life, if stored in airtight conditions .
It can be regenerated and reused if desired. Heating may be adsorbed on silica gel to gently remove the water, re-use.
c, inert material , other materials which are usually non-corrosive
d, non-flammable