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China Market Analysis of Column chromatography silica gel

Column chromatography silica gel is a solid characteristic of a colloidal system; the structure is formed by aggregation of colloidal particles having. Colloidal particles are hydrated silica (polysilicic acid), polycondensates are amorphous substances. Clearance by the colloidal particles aggregate to form the reagent column chromatography silica gel particles inside the micro- pore structure. Thus, it is a rich pore structure, high surface area, high purity, and high -quality active adsorbent material.
Column chromatography silica gel adsorption properties depend on the materials in the production process of the silica porous structure is formed and the inner surface of the hole. Therefore, in the production process should first focus on raw material - crude hole quality Silica preferred.
The product is stable pore structure mainly high-quality silicone raw materials prepared from refined and processed , because of its component adsorption of different substances on the retention time of the different materials can make a variety of substances to achieve separation and purification purposes.
1, the mixed material through the different components of the difference between the adsorption retention time; achieve the purpose of separation and purification.
2, has good thermal stability and chemical stability; from the multi- component solution is selectively adsorbed component purified isomers.
3, the election transparent high-quality silicone, excellent adsorption properties of nature, as well as structurally similar isomers are ideal separation function
1, the silica gel is mainly used for removal of aromatic substances of refined petroleum products and other organic gases, liquids selective adsorption separation in the chemical industry as catalyst carrier.
2, has also been used as raw materials or for chromatographic carrier body herbal active ingredients in the separation, purification and preparation of high-purity substances.
3, used in medicine, pesticides, herbs, oils, law review analysis, food, environmental monitoring and other fields.
China Market Analysis of Column chromatography silica gel
The global financial crisis has had on China's pillar layer silicone tube industry poses a serious challenge to stimulate economic growth in the context of accelerated column layer silicone tube industry industrial transformation and upgrading, column chromatography silica gel cork conducive to resolve the adverse effects of the financial crisis, and the realization of China's pillar layer silicone tube from a Major industry pillar layer silicone tube industry power shift.
Column chromatography silica gel by our domestic and international economic situation, industry influence is global, suffered the impact is unprecedented. However, column chromatography silica gel industry, there is also the opportunity for the crisis , just seize the development opportunity, timely elimination of outdated products, backward technology and backward production capacity, to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, will be able to calmly.
At present, China is actively expanding domestic demand, and will accelerate the implementation of major infrastructure construction in the construction, start as soon as a group are conducive to enhancing the economic development potential of large-scale projects , and increase efforts to support the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and key projects. Meanwhile, the silicone industry in advancing column layer construction of key projects, it will further increase the proportion of domestic equipment purchases.
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