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The market of Molecular sieve

Molecular sieve has strong absorption capacity (so it is widely used as a desiccant) for gas purification processing, preservation should avoid direct exposure to the air. Longer storage time and have absorbent is regenerated molecular sieve before use . Zeolite avoids oil and liquid water. Use should be avoided in contact with the oil and liquid water . Industrial gases in the drying process, air, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. under drier at 8-12 ℃ work in the next heated to 350 ℃ gassing regeneration. Different specifications slightly different molecular sieve regeneration temperature . Some organic molecular sieve has good catalytic gas phase reactions.
Classification & Application
Molecular sieve 3A
Various liquids ( such as ethanol ) in dry, Air dry, Drying the refrigerant, Natural gas, methane gas drying, Unsaturated hydrocarbons and pyrolysis gas, ethylene , acetylene , propylene , butadiene dried.
Molecular sieve 4A
Air, natural gas, alkanes, refrigerants deep drying of gases and liquids
Preparation of argon and purification
Pharmaceutical packaging , electronic components and easy deterioration static dried substance
Paints, fuels, paints as the dehydrating agent
Molecular sieve 5A
Air purification dehydration and carbon dioxide
Molecular sieve 13X
Gas purification apparatus of an air separation , removal of water and carbon dioxide
Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid hydrocarbons drying and desulfurization
Average depth of drying gas
Molecular sieve NaY
Catalyst or catalyst carrier. Suitable for molecules that can be absorbed by 3A, 4A, 5A type molecular sieve and some molecules with small critical diameter, like aromatic hydrocarbon or branched hydrocarbon.
Molecular sieve for special use
molecular sieve adsorbent special for dewaxing can separate liquid paraffin from branched alkane and cyclic hydrocarbons during the course of selective adsorption. Now, it is largely used to separate isoalkane and alkane in industry.
The market of Molecular sieve
1, China Market Analysis
At present, the Chinese market, mainly middle and low molecular sieve , the total demand for more than 2,000 tons , as China's economy continues to develop , especially the chemical industry have been expanding , the level of demand for zeolite will gradually grow . Particularly in recent years to further expand the domestic demand for zeolite . According to the survey , since 2000 , the annual average growth rate above 80% . Domestic market prospect is very broad. 2, the international market analysis
With the pressure swing adsorption technology continues to mature, the international demand is also growing zeolite, Europe and other developed countries, the demand increased steadily each year in recent years, the demand is developing by leaps and bounds every year in order to become times the rate of growth in a conservative estimate, in 2009 the international carbon molecular sieve in one hundred million tons more than the total demand.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. added the production line of molecular sieve and special-purpose molecular sieve in 2005, and the production base covers an area of 11000m2, with 8000m2 of factory buildings, three production shops and annual output of 3,000 tons of molecular sieves.
In 2008, in order to enlarge our business scope, we combine a company, a professional manufacturer of glass microspheres, producing glass beads with various kinds, and annual output more than 8000 tons.