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Market competitiveness of silica gel desiccant

Our country is now increasing production of silica gel desiccant equipment variety, expanding applicable scope of heating equipment, level and product quality rapidly improved, the market competition ability is growing. Especially the Chinese government introduced products are exported to various relevant policy support, silica gel desiccant for domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises to create a good external conditions, all of this suggests that the silica gel desiccant device has good prospects for development.
In the international competition, the silica gel desiccant equipment production enterprises in our country are the main competitors in Denmark, Switzerland, Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan, etc. Compared with competitors, the advantage of silica gel desiccant equipment heating equipment in China is cheap, shortcomings mainly lies in the degree of automation control products, appearance quality, complete and functional aspects to be further improved.
High temperature air inert carrier of silica gel desiccant inside heated fluidized state, if the material into the nozzle, after atomization is attached to an inert carrier surface evenly. Spray inside the inert carrier film on the surface of the material, by the high temperature heat conduction effect of inert carrier, external by fluidization gas strong convection, make its moisture evaporation, drying quickly, and grind by inert carrier not products. Installed at the top of the carrier at the bottom of the separator made inert carrier all return, fine powder products are outdoor airflow out of the dry, entered into the catcher system was arrested. Amount of wet material into the drying chamber by installed on the feed pump speed regulating motor stepless adjustment. Drying process control parameters for drying tower temperature, differential pressure. Silica gel desiccant is also known as adsorption agent, is used in moistureproof, mouldproof, drying effect. With adsorption method in addition to water vapor of silica gel desiccant silica gel, alumina gel, molecular sieve, activated carbon, bone charcoal, charcoal, minerals, silica gel desiccant, or activated clay, etc. By chemical absorption method in addition to water vapor adsorption is commonly used agents such as calcium chloride, lime, or phosphorus pentoxide chemical affinity of the big material with water vapor. Adsorption agent is a kind of clearing agent absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, its principle is to ship by physical adsorption of water molecules in the own structure or chemically absorbing water molecules and change its chemical structure, become another kind of material.