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The market of Indicating silica gel

Indicating silica gel is blue when dry , damp pink after the change , you can bake at 120 ℃ wet blue silicone wait until after repeated use can not be used until broken up .
The use of silica gel method is very simple, just use the net use of personnel of the silica gel tablets on a bag , you can put to use at . In order to avoid bags scattered, you can use a transparent adhesive prison.
Indicating silica gel is a mildew proof ability of industrial desiccant, it is often used to protect some digital products, dry in the purchase of silica gel, the user should try to choose the color is quite blue silica gel , silica gel color if it is biased white or reddish, then prove that the silicone may have absorbed a lot of water , and its absorption is greatly reduced.
When not in use, being used up and silica gel can be recovered , as long as the absorbed water can be evaporated and used for the next repetition . If not in use already suck water when finished , you can make use of microwaves to silica gel evaporated, special emphasis is evaporated in the process of using microwave Do not put too much firepower adjustment . Evaporated by the time silica gel absorbs moisture may be. It should be noted that some low- containing impurities as much silica gel , and the breathable micro porous too , will burst when the microwave evaporated , so the safety is required before evaporated.
The market of Indicating silica gel
Since the development time is limited, experience and technological innovation is considerably limited , the domestic industry's overall quality silicone and abroad have a certain gap. China is now the production of most of the products produced meet the basic requirements of its customers , but encountered a very high performance to customer requirements or special types of plastic cases still need to use imported glue.
In special rubber and high-performance gel, there is a big gap in the domestic market. Secondly, since the silicone industry is a capital -intensive industry, the current economic situation also determines the severity of their living environment, liquidity difficulties, product homogeneity serious, rising raw material prices; the company's survival was a great challenge. In addition, the silicone rubber industry insiders are now gradually form a vicious cycle of price wars , some manufacturers target customers for the low-end manufacturers, constantly lower prices , so that the whole industry profit margins continue to shrink.
China's current domestic production in the blue silicon gel more than 6,000 tons , of which 70 % -80 % of exports , earning about 800 million U.S. dollars, accounting for silica gel products export more than 30% . With the strengthening of environmental awareness , some chemical products, the harm caused to the environment pollution increasingly attracted national attention, is now used in the manufacture of cobalt chloride silica gel has been polluting the Western countries as carcinogens . China is the world’s major countries exporting silica gel, in the short term research and development of a new generation of silica gel, cobalt chloride to eliminate pollution while maintaining the status of major exporting countries, is currently a very important topic.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd as SILICA GEL supplier added the production line of molecular sieve and special-purpose molecular sieve in 2005, and the production base covers an area of 11000m2, with 8000m2 of factory buildings, three production shops and annual output of 3,000 tons of molecular sieves. 
 In 2008, in order to enlarge our business scope, we combine a company, a professional manufacturer of glass microspheres, producing glass beads with various kinds, and annual output more than 8000 tons.