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Sodium silicate market price analysis

Sodium silicate is a colorless, transparent, viscous solid. The quartz sand and sodium silicate fused together; alkaline water-soluble, its transparency is called slurry of water glass solution. Reagents for the analysis, fire retardants, adhesives.
In the chemical system was used to manufacture silicon , silica, zeolite , sodium silicate , silica sol , the layer of silicon and instant powdered sodium silicate , potassium and sodium silicate and other silicate products, silicon compounds the basic raw materials ;
1, the brushing surface, water glass solution to improve resistance to weathering after brushing or impregnated material , to seep through the cracks and pores in the cured silicone gel to plug the pores , and enhance the density and strength of the material , thereby improving the material weathering capabilities.
2, reinforced soil
The sodium silicate and calcium chloride solution injected into the soil alternately , two solutions react quickly silica and calcium silicate gel , played the role of cementation and filling pores , so that the strength and bearing capacity of soil to improve .
3, the preparation of quick-setting waterproofing agent
Sodium silicate can be formulated with a variety of alum accelerator waterproofing agent for sealing, caulking and other local repair. This multi- repellent alum coagulation quickly , usually a few minutes , four of which does not exceed alum repellent 1min, it must be used on the site that is used to do that with .
4, the preparation of acid gel, acid mortar and acid-resistant concrete
Acid gel glass with water and acid powder (commonly quartz powder) preparation. With acid as mortar and concrete, is mainly used for acid requirements of the project. Such as sulfuric acid pools.
5, the preparation of heat- gelling, heat- resistant concrete and mortar
Silicate gel is mainly used for refractory masonry and repair. Heat water glass is mainly used for mortar and concrete foundations and other blast furnace heat requirements of the structural parts.
 6, anti-corrosion engineering applications
Acid- modified silicate mud acid corrosion is an important material , the main feature is the acid , temperature , density impermeability , inexpensive, easy to use. Miscible as acid clay , acid mortar and concrete acid , used in chemical, metallurgy , electric power , coal, textile and other sectors anticorrosion various structures is spinning acid structures acid storage tank , acid floors, as well as acid-resistant masonry surfaces the ideal building material .
Sodium silicate market
Domestic economic development needs of China's economy has grown by more than 9% of the speed of development, social needs are constantly improving. Therefore, the downstream products such as sodium silicate silica, 4A zeolite, sodium silicate, silica gel demand will continue to increase
Demand in foreign markets since 1998, our country has poured into sodium silicate products in Korea and Japan and other foreign markets, and the yield is increasing year by year. Other products such as powdered sodium silicide, sodium silicate, silicone and other exports are also increasing. This dependence will grow. The demand for high value-added product development, for example silica gel, silica gel production volume accounted for 32% of the world's total; the majority is low desiccant / adsorbent silica gel.
PS: Recently sodium silicate raw materials prices rose sharply, leading to the current in short supply, according to experts predict the future for a long period of time, prices will not fall.