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Molecular sieve Industry Analysis

Molecular sieve, also called zeolite, is a crystalline aluminosilicate containing metal ions and compounds state of water. It is a neat crystal structure of uniform magnitude as the molecular size of pores, pore diameter than only allows small molecules to enter.
After losing in the heating water molecules, forming a plurality of cavities can pore diameter smaller than the molecules adsorbed to the inner cavities in the past, while the ratio of pore large molecules excluded. Molecular sieve absorption ability, so save should avoid direct exposure to the air. Molecular sieve absorbent capacity of the gas and liquid can be purified , dried , separated and recycled. Molecular sieve can be regenerated after use, you can continue to use.
( 1 ) According to the molecular size and shape of the adsorption of the different options , that is, only those smaller than the adsorption pore size molecular sieve .
( 2 ) For small polar molecules and unsaturated molecules with selective adsorption properties, the greater the polarity , the higher degree of unsaturation , the stronger of the selective absorption .
( 3 ) Has a strong absorption . Even at higher temperatures , a larger space velocity and lower content of water , there is still a very high absorption capacity
Industry Status
Molecular sieve 3A is a new type adsorbent, a pressure swing adsorption air separation technology ( Nitrogen ) The preferred adsorbents are widely used in air separation to produce nitrogen -rich body . Japan and Germany have long become the monopoly of zeolite products before 2000, 60% domestic share has been in its possession, especially on the international market.
In recent years, the price advantage of domestic products , domestic zeolite gradually seize some market share, but to be in this industry bigger and stronger, to be independent innovation, improve product performance , breaking the technical barriers to trade .
According to international and domestic expert analysis, Molecular sieve industry showed the following trends:
1 , with the use of PSA Nitrogen expanding the scope of the increasing demand for Molecular sieve , which will further promote the development of the industry in the coming years , the industry will become an uncommon industry is well known .
2, with the application to improve the depth of molecular sieve nitrogen production, nitrogen recovery, bulk density, compressive strength and other indicators have become increasingly demanding, and further improve product performance indicators will be the future development of the industry trend.
3, because of molecular sieve is the main elements of pressure swing adsorption Nitrogen. Costs accounted for 70 % of the entire device, so cost reduction is to promote the development of the industry will be an important condition. The next period, the enterprises will adopt new materials, new processes of continuous exploration and strive to achieve the highest level with the lowest cost.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd.  added the production line of molecular sieve and special-purpose molecular sieve in 2005, and the production base covers an area of 11000m2, with 8000m2 of factory buildings, three production shops and annual output of 3,000 tons of Molecular sieve.