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The principle of silica gel desiccant discoloration

The color of the silicone material itself, so the silica gel desiccant is no color to distinguish. But on the product application, we can often come into contact with the color silica gel desiccant, why some silica gel desiccant can change color? Because consumers often cannot distinguish desiccant is hygroscopic, so adding some chemical manufacturers in the silica gel desiccant desiccant costs, can let the desiccant under different humidity degree different colors to distinguish its moisture absorption.
Cobalt chloride silica gel desiccant moisture absorption after changed from blue to pink:
The color of the normal ordinary silica gel desiccant, the instinctive quality that is silica gel, also won't change color after moisture absorption. Make the silicone color is the silica gel inside the join of cobalt chloride. The color is change from blue to pink. Remove the silica gel in cobalt chloride solution soaking, air-dried, inside the oven, at 105 degrees Celsius drying, cobalt chloride dehydrate to blue at this time, you can use. When silicone water quantity increase gradually, cobalt chloride and water absorption, and gradually became pink, this is a gradual process, pink to a certain extent, explain the silicone has been losing water absorption ability.
The classification of color silica gel desiccant:
Blue color silica gel is divided into three kinds: silica gel desiccant, without cobalt orange silica gel desiccant, silica gel desiccant cobalt blue.
Blue silica gel (color blue and red) : contains cobalt chloride is the major cause of the discoloration. Because cobalt chloride itself has the characteristics of water absorption and from blue to pink.
Cobalt free orange silica gel desiccant (color yellow green) : color the main reason is that contain methyl violet, methyl violet color change due to PH changes. The use of methyl violet in PH0.13 0.5 within the scope of the principle of "yellow and green"
No cobalt blue silica gel desiccant (color yellow red) : is the main reason of the color with Congo red, Congo red itself may be used as a ph indicator, color range of 3.5 to 3.5, alkali state to red, acid condition as violet.
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