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Talking about Silica Gel Cat Litter

Silica Gel Cat Litter can absorb all excrement and urine of pets and peculiar smell given off from them. It also known as Type C Silica Gel Cat Litter.
At the same time, silica gel cat sands can be used as an air-fresh agent, which absorbs some easy-volatile gas and moisture in the air and make the room fresh and clean for us all.
Due to silica gel cat sands have their unique performance, that is only small amount of waste was produced, the pet's owners will become happy and relaxed.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional SILICA GEL supplier. Our silica gel manufacturing plant is located in Maanshan with manufacturing capacity of more than 500-MT silica gel per year.
We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silic gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel.