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China Silicone Industry Trends

Silicone consists mainly of silica, chemically stable, non-toxic.
Silica gel has a strong adsorption, drying effects on human skin. If silicone into eyes, rinse need plenty of water and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
Blue silicone due to the presence of a small amount of cobalt chloride, toxic, and should be avoided in food contact and inhalation, such as poisoning should immediately seek medical treatment.
1,Inorganic silica generally used as a catalyst carrier, such as toothpaste abrasive
2,For equipment, instruments , and equipment in confined conditions of moisture absorption rust
3,As a silica gel desiccant packaging , widely used in precision instruments, leather, clothing , food, medicines and household appliances.
4,Can be used to make direct contact with the human body
China Silicone Industry Trends
On the one hand, as the development time is limited, experience and technological innovation is considerably limited , the domestic industry's overall quality silicone and abroad have a certain gap. China is now the production of most of the products produced meet the basic requirements of its customers, but encountered a very high performance to customer requirements or special types of plastic cases still need to use imported glue

In special rubber and high-performance gel , there is a big gap in the domestic market . Secondly, since the silicone industry is a capital -intensive industry, the current economic situation also determines the severity of their living environment, liquidity difficulties, product homogeneity serious , rising raw material prices , the company's survival was a great challenge . In addition, the silicone rubber industry insiders are now gradually form a vicious cycle of price wars , some manufacturers target customers for the low-end manufacturers, constantly lower prices , so that the whole industry profit margins continue to shrink.

On the other hand to analyze , silicone industry outlook is still considerable. Silicone industry is a capital-intensive and high-tech industries , compared to the labor-intensive industries will have a better development momentum , silicone raw materials are mainly used in electronic appliances , medical equipment, baby products and other major industries , involving wide , and many previously used rubber silicone products will gradually be replaced .

2013 silicone will focus on the development trend of the liquid gel, Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. has invested 50 million to establish a production base liquid glue, which will to some extent change the current pattern of silicone rubber industry. At the same time , we must realize that now Silastic level of competition within the industry , due to the economic downturn and the corresponding situation of monetary policy , capital flows SMEs more difficult , which is a capital-intensive industry is a challenge However, if we can spend such an economic winter , silicone rubber industry tomorrow will be very beautiful.

From the product point of view , the domestic rubber industry, demand is still common glue glue and gas , while the fire-retardant plastic, low-grade glue and liquid glue , and other special types of plastic demand on the rise, these high-tech plastic , additional values ​​larger than the first two regular gum , so these species in the future will have great market space .