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Rough Silica Gel Spheres

Developing Trends of Natural Active Desiccant


Desiccant Silica Gel could be used as catalyst carrier and refined organic compounds’ dehydrating agent, because of its high bulk density and low moisture. Acting as air purification, desiccant silica gel could control the moisture in the air. Its appearance is white, translucent. When put between two layers parallel sealed glass, this desiccant could keep the glass transparent through absorbing the moisture.
Translucent blue silica gel desiccant is blue and high density. With moisture’s content goes upward, it turns red from blue, indicating the ambient humidity directly. It can be used with ordinary desiccant silica gel to judge the desiccant moisture level.
According to the shape of particles .It can be divided into spherical ones, block ones and microsphere ones. Desiccant silica gel absorbs organic acid selectively, To Remove moisture and harmful elements among insulating oil.
This natural active desiccant is a kind of porous materials, with appearance of red spherical particles. It includes a special treated crystal structure, making the structure stable. It is a new desiccant, with special properties. Because this natural active desiccant include Aluminum silicate(also named Montmorillonite), which is a natural rare special crystalline layered clay mineral. After treated, layered tetrahedron and octahedral sheet could form hexagonal grid structure. When absorbing cation in water, the hexagonal grid structure inflates. This is a new, healthy, green, natural mineral desiccant. The properties are: natural non-toxic, non-polluting, without any chemical additives, used as medicine for detoxification, drug detoxification slow release fertilizer , agricultural fertilizer , used as feed additives . increasing fertilizer bulk density , volumetric water content , low- cost , non-corrosive metal products. Calcium chloride desiccant adsorption activity , static dehumidification and odor removal is not only faster adsorption rate , adsorption capacity , and non-toxic , odorless , non-corrosive , non- exposure to environmental pollution , especially not on the human body injury , is widely used in in Gaskets , optical , medical , health , food , and military products .
Package: Silica gel desiccant can be packaged with small- size packaging, which is strong enough and the permeability is very good, but it is easy to leak powder; The permeability of the composite paper, resulting in slower absorption rate , moisture-proof electronic products are generally not suitable for proof packaging ; The nonwoven fabric having a certain strength, excellent in permeability, but for packaging montmorillonite, easily leak powder ; Textured paper permeability , high strength , good dustproof , wide applicability , the price is higher than ordinary paper composite , but far below the DuPont paper , ideal for high - grade packaging materials ; Tyvek is a high strength , folding tear resistance, anti-static , breathable characteristics, and also having the ideal choice for desiccant packaging material , excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance , the dust-free packaging desiccants , both good permeability can be used , but there are sufficient strength and beautifully printed design .