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What is Silica gel ?

Formed from silicon dioxide, silica gel is amorphous and produced synthetically into granules that are hard.In appearance, it looks like irregular crystal or beads.A microporous structure of interlocking cavities gives a very high surface area (800 square meters per gram). It is this structure that makes silica gel a high capacity desiccant.Silica gel can be classfied as none indicating silica gel, indicating silica gel.None indicating silica geladsorbs moisture and it remains
physically unchanged. Non-indicating silica gel is both cheap and effctive.Indicating silica gel changes colour as moisture is adsorbed thus giving a visual indication as to the activity level of the silica gel.There is no chemical reaction, no by products or side effects. when saturated with water vapour, Silica gel still has the appearance of a dry product, its shape unchanged.

Desiccant silica gel advantage ?

Silica gel has many other properties that recommend it as a desiccant.
* Non-flammable
* Reused by regenerating--heating the gel will stave off absorptions
* Can absorb up to 40% of its own weight
* Shelf life is indefinite--if stored airtight
* Silica Gel Desiccant is inert and will not corrode or disrupt materials
* Silica Gel Desiccant can be conveniently packed and is available in a many sizes for various applications.
Since silica gel is non-toxic, odorless, and non-corrosive, it provides premium large volume desiccant dryers with lower energy costs. Compared to other desiccants, it has very stable thermal and chemical characteristics. This choice of desiccant is typically white and referred to as non-indicating. Once the gel adsorbs the moisture, it will remain unchanged physically. For gel that is self-indicating, an additive is added to the basic gel so that it change color upon the adsorption of water. A self-indicating silica gel allows for a visual indication of the level of activity that is taking place.