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How to choose the right cat litter?

Selecting the right Cat Litter is a balance between what is easy and convenient for you to use and attractive to the cat. Different textures of cat litters are appealing to different cats. Some cats prefer clay, some will prefer clumping, and other will tolerate just about any type of litter. Some cats have aversions and will not use certain types, textures or scents of cat litter. It is important to watch your cat for proper use of the litter box whenever you are litter training or you select a new litter.
The two most common types of litter are Clay and Clumping Cat litters.
Regular clay Cat Litter – this is the regular traditional clay cat litter. It is generally the least expensive of the litters. It is not scoopable and when soiled it is tossed out in the trash. It is heavy, absorbs urine well and does a fairly good job at controlling odors. Some brands of clay litter is scented which can mask some odors but the litter must be changed regularly and the odor control feature should not be used to mask poor litterbox hygiene. Depending on the number of cats using the box, regular clay boxes should be changed at least 2 times a week if being used by one cat. They can be dusty, and if allergies are a problem, consider the low dust varieties.
Clumping Cat Litter - clumping cat litters are quickly becoming the most common litters used. They are scoopable as they “clump” when liquids are added. The entire box does not need to be dumped when soiled but the used or clumps are scooped out on a regular basis. Each box should be scooped twice daily. They can be dusty, and if allergies are a problem, consider the low dust varieties. Some authorities are concerned that cats may groom clumping cat litter off their paws which can clump in their intestines, however this is extremely uncommon. This type of litter is required to work with electric litterbox e.g. “Littermaid?”.
Other types of cat litter includes biodegradable materials such as those made of plant materials, wood, and paper. These can be useful if you want an earth-friendly or you want a potentially flushable product. They are generally more expensive and less available (available at specialty pet stores). Some cats deal with these products fine. If you choose this type of cat litter for the first time, use it in a second box and watch to determine if it is appealing to your cat.
The newest litter is silica pellet cat litter. The litter consists of silica beads or pellets that absorb urine without the need to scoop. You do need to stir the litter daily and feces does need to be scooped. When the litter turns color, the entire pan is dumped and new litter is used. Silica pellets tend to control odors well. Not all cats like the texture of this litter. It does come in some different shapes, round and flat, so you may need to experiment on what your cat likes best. Silica cat litters are among the most expensive litters.