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The impact of Dimethyl fumarate(DMF) to the desiccant industry

Desiccant is a long history of products , widely used in clothes, shoes, hats, handbags , furniture, rattan, wood , box, handicrafts , electronics, appliances, hardware products such as storage and transportation. Currently There are several common materials:silica gel , live mine , montmorillonite, calcium chloride , mainly through the adsorption effect of moisture vapor to play.
The application of Desiccant silica gel
Leather Drying: If placed in leather, leather bags, leather shoes play a role in drying shelf ;
Food Drying: more common in on biscuits and fried foods in order to ensure food crispy ;
Drug Drying : put in vials , to ensure that drugs prolong shelf life ;
Container Drying : Shipping containers at different latitudes will form in the box on the "inner rain" , if you use silica gel desiccant , it can absorb the equivalent of its own weight of water, up to 50 days for ocean transport process , you can effectively reduce the dew condensation phenomena leaving the container under control .
Commonly used items : If placed in the closet , shoes and bed, odor adsorption , keep the air dry and fresh.
However, since the end of 2008 have appeared in European countries "toxic sofa" , "drug shoes" incident, " Dimethyl fumarate (DMF)" and the word for " desiccant " put up a certain relationship. Even some guests directly to equate the two , there must be mistaken desiccant containing dimethyl fumarate , the recent survey of guests often receive letters , surveys desiccant in the presence of dimethyl fumarate , the former soon also received a message asking foreign guests " our supply is not without desiccant silica gel ( silicone ) ." There are also some fear problems, the use of desiccant canceled.
Desiccant adsorption of water vapor is to play by the effects of moisture , and dimethyl fumarate is a biocide to inhibit mold , mildew and thus play the effect .
Dimethyl fumarate
Formula: C6H8O4, CH3OCOCH = CHCOOCH3
MW (Molecular Weight): 144.13
CAS No.: 624-49-7
Appearance (Appearance): white crystal or crystalline powder.
This is a biocide to inhibit mold, you can prevent the product storage and transportation process will not degenerate. Its contact with the skin, can cause painful skin contact dermatitis, including itching, irritation, redness, and burns;, in some cases , there are also reports that acute respiratory illness. Dermatitis treatment is not particularly easy.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd desiccant series products are sent to SGS test, the results do not contain DMF.
According to the analysis the reason found to contain desiccant in DMF, possibilities such as the following :
1, desiccant manufacturers non-standard operations, packing, it will be mixed with DMF and desiccant materials , named as: mold desiccant
2, desiccant material is not according to standards, the material may be recycled, resulting in contamination of the desiccant material is mixed with DMF.
3, users will be drier and mildew products containing DMF used simultaneously, because DMF is volatile products, and desiccant adsorption capabilities , a long time had a desiccant containing DMF is also measured to contain it.