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Silica gel cat litter market analysis

Silica gel cat litter is a highly active adsorption material, usually with sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reactions, and after a series of processes such as aging, acid foaming system. Silica gel is amorphous substances, whose chemical formula is mSiO2. nH2o。 Insoluble in any solvent and water, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance.
Silica gel cat litter is the material that is used in litter boxes or trays to absorb urine and moisture from feces. By doing so it helps to reduce any odors. Earlier, silica gel cat litter boxes used to be filled by sand, but today a lot more absorbent materials are available on the market. Silica gel cat litter generally consists of super absorbent clay minerals, able to absorb their weight in water.
Silica gel silica gel cat litter offers improved cat urine odor control. The silica gel cat litter has the highest moisture absorbency and when stirred regularly, it only needs to be replaced once a month
Product Features
1, strong adsorption capacity, absorption speed.
 2, easy to use, waste less, easy to clean.
 3, the amount of saving and economical.
 4, the use of safe, belong to green product.
 5, nice, easy to be pets accepted.
 6, to prevent dust, no dust appear around the floor.
 7, more health, inhibit the growth of bacteria, to make the environment more hygienic.
 8, deodorizing power, by absorbing water in the form to prevent the spread of odor
Silica gel cat litter market analysis
Silica gel cat litter is a well-established production the mature markets of Western Europe, North America and Japan. While a large cat population is the ultimate prerequisite for high value sales of silica gel cat litter, other factors also impact demand. In countries with high disposable incomes, and where pet food is a well-established concept, demand for silica gel cat litter is comparatively strong.
Urbanisation and the concomitant rise in the number of house-cats also drive demand for silica gel cat litter in many countries. The top five in value terms – US, Japan, Germany, UK and France – exhibit these characteristics to varying degrees.
Product innovation boosts growth in the US
The US which accounts for about 45% of world silica gel cat litter sales, witnessed the introduction of superior-quality products such as clumping and silica gel (crystal) litters, which ensured that silica gel cat litter continued to achieve strong growth. Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd offer better absorption and odour control than conventional silica gel cat litter.
The US has by far the largest cat population, which compensates for the fact that the country lags somewhat in terms of urbanisation. Germany on the other hand has a smaller number of cats, but is, next to the UK, a heavily urbanized country (about 89% of households in the UK and Germany live in urban areas). All five markets are characterized by high levels of personal disposable income, ranking among the top twenty countries worldwide.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd is Chinese manufacturer of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel manufactured by us is of best quality which is widely used as cat litter, desiccant silica gel in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.