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China silica gel industry market

In recent years, silica gel industry has shown rapid development momentum, specialization tends to refinement and technological progress to promote applications continue to expand in North America, European Union, China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia are the main R & D and market location, concentration of production capacity, Features obvious. China is still low-end products, nearly half of European companies belonging to multinational companies, according to their geography, population, resources, industry, distribution, trends and market demand, the world is divided into several regional markets in more than 50 major countries R & D centers or cities, branches, representative offices or production plants, their products and services through them to neighboring countries, regional and urban expansion. Korean and Japanese companies followed the steps U.S. and European companies, has expanded into Southeast Asia. Our company's products have been exported to the world's 30 countries and regions, expanding the product in overseas markets, increased market coverage, but has yet to set up offices in overseas funding, and non-branded products exports accounted for more than 50%, not conducive to the improvement of the competitiveness of the future; silica gel-based exports accounted for more than 90% of the foreign market influence is small.
Europe, Japan and South Korea strong corporate brand awareness, competition, a focus on the high-end products, powder silica, functionalized silica gel is the focus of competition between them, while the silica gel based-focus of competition is still in China.