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Silica Gel Breather

Transformer is breathing like human. When air is going inside it contain moisture. To avoid short circuit due to moisture, breather is used. When air passes through breather it became dry. To Breather, the most important part is dessicant ----Silica Gel. The suitable grade is indicating silica gel. It takes advantage of the color change of Silica gel once absorbing moisture. Both Blue and Orange Silica Gel are workable.
Blue Silica Gel absorbs moisture signaling the saturation degree by changing color as follows: Deep Blue Silica Gel completely dry
Light Blue Silica Gel partly humid. (Absorbed water for about 15% of its weight)
Pink Silica Gel saturated with moisture. (Absorbed water for about 30 - 40% of its weight)
Through heating inside a ventilated oven at to 150 C, the moisture could be removed and color return deep blue.
Dusts particles are filtered by the oil in the oil cup. Pressure value for air passage into the breather are: 0.003 Kg/cm inlet or 0.005 Kg/cm outlet.