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What is indicating silica gel? Blue silica gel & Orange silica gel

Indicating Silica Gel is beads of clear Silica Gel that have been impregnated with a chemical that changes color when it comes into contact with moisture. When the color has changed, it means that the Silica Gel is fully saturated and needs to be replaced or reactivated. This can be useful when long term humidity control is needed, like in a display case.The typical indicating silica gel is blue silica gel, orange silica gel.

Blue silica gel

Blue silica gel when it is dry and turns to pink when it is saturated. There have been some significant health and environmental risks attributed to the use of cobalt chloride within the Silica Gel including possibly causing cancer, along with skin and respiratory irritation.

Orange silica gel

Orange silica gel is a safer alternative which is Indicating Silica Gel that goes from orange to green and does not contain cobalt chloride. .