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Desiccant Silica Gel for Food

Everyone has to eat. Eating is not usually a problem for most people, but there might come a time where a store of grains and other foodstuffs will prove a priceless commodity to you and your family. Whether a disaster comes in the form of a flood, fire, hurricane, earthquake, or revolution, existing infrastructures are going to collapse at least temporarily. Most families have preparedness kits in the event of the natural crises most prevalent in their areas, including flashlights and water, and why not food as well? Many do, and many more should. The staples of food most suited to long-term storage are dried ones, and dehydrated meats, fruits and vegetables. Not to mention seeds for the planting or replanting of crops. As you can guess, this entire store will be worthless if it gets wet, mold in particular loves damp, dark conditions. You can't really avoid the darkness in your storage place, but desiccant SILICA GEL can stave off the damp and make sure your ace in the hole doesn't turn up a deuce when it counts.