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Tips to Help Gun Owners Keep Their Ammo Dry

Silica Gel products to help gun enthusiasts protect their guns and ammunition against moisture damage like corrosion, mold, and mildew. The long-term storage of ammunition is, of course, a real problem for gun owners. Moisture can ruin ammo in double quick time. It can cause everything from corrosion of the shells to the degradation of the powder. Either way, your ammunition may become as dangerous to you as it is to your target. The secret to long-term storage of ammo, is in careful planning and preparation. "First, put your ammunition into an ammo can with a rubber seal,". "Not just metal to metal. That will help to keep moisture out." If you can't find an ammo can with a rubber seal then you should try sealable plastic storage containers, just like the kind you store leftovers in. Before you seal that can or container, drop in a few Silica Gel Packets. They can be a gun-owner's best friend. Silica gel is a "desiccant," a substance that sucks up water in its environment. There are several different desiccants in the world. Common clay is a desiccant. In fact, clay is the basic ingredient in both industrial oil absorbent powders and also cat box litter. Dry rice isn't a bad desiccant, either. But Silica gel is one of the best desiccants ever discovered. It will soak up moisture wherever it can and as quickly as it can. It would also be wise to buy "indicating" silica gel packets. These are packets of gel that will actually change color when they've absorbed as much water as they can and need to be replaced. Usually, they'll go from bright orange to green. That means you can check your ammunition periodically and make certain that your gel packets are still in operation.