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How to use Silica Gel?

Remove the Silica Gel Hydrosorbent from its protective packaging. Position the unit on an exposed surface anywhere within the closed area to be protected. For the 200, 450 and 900 gram units, be sure that the end containing the indicator card is on the bottom so that the active ingredients rest on the indicator card. Examine the indicator card from time to time. When the indicator changes from blue to pink, follow the reactivation instructions listed below and included with the unit. After reactivation is complete and the unit is cool enough to handle, return it to the enclosed space. If you leave the unit out in the open, it will rapidly adsorb moisture from the surrounding air. Please note: When you first use the silica gel in the area to be protected, it may become saturated rather quickly as it "drinks up" residual moisture. Once the residual dampness is removed, you can maintain a dry condition with less frequent need to reactivate the Silica Gel.