DIY:Use desiccant silica gel to make a dapproof electronic cabinets

To the spring and summer, sometimes the home is more humid, do not underestimate these tidal.You should be aware of protecting beloved cameras, lenses and some valuables from moisture. Buy Electronic Cabinets is not necessary, if you just have few photographic equipment.

In fact, the homemade Cabinets also can keep Away from Moisture. Better sealing of the container with silica gel desiccant, which is inexpensive, and can also receive a satisfactory protecting effects.


Desiccant silica gel is the most critical material for the dampproof cabinets. Now the desiccant silica gel available in commonly used three types are: silica gel desiccant, lime desiccant and carbon desiccant, the silica gel desiccant is most fit for the use.

Silica gel desiccant is divided into two types: blue silica gel and colorless silica gel. Blue silica gel with the increase of the adsorbed moisture from blue to red to show the ambient humidity, the drawback is that containing cobalt chloride, a micro-toxic, blue silica gel is widely used in equipment and other items moisture. Colorless silica gel is non-toxic non-hazardous products, widely used in food and medicine moisture, low price, if failure , the surface of Silica gel will become slightly yellow, you can replace. So we choose a colorless silica gel.

Reuse of silica gel

The Desiccant silica gel is heated in a microwave oven, place a few good tissues below the desiccant silica gel, and temperature was controlled at 120 degrees (equivalent to microwave oven in low heat), a heating time of 10 minutes or so, at the second heating, the silica gel desiccant can be reused.

A lot of people after using the camera, directly put the camera into the camera bag, then put a desiccant in the camera bag, this approach is not desirable, because the camera bag does not seal, the desiccant is easily saturated , and it would not achieve sustained drying effect.
Do not select the mothballs and lime desiccant, they are easily attached to the lens and other optical components, resulting in corrosion.

Container desiccant silica gel

Container desiccant silica gel can protect transportation security of products by controlling of the dew point to avoid fog rain phenomena. The unique design of the container desiccant silica gel ensures that it has excellent moisture absorption performance and the phenomenon of leakage and water dripping does not occur.
Silica gel Desiccant for Container has strong adsorption capacity for the vapor inside the container. It can effectively lower the dew point, thus controlling the condensation of vapor inside container. The weight of vapor that can be adsorbed by 100 gram of container desiccant is as follows:at RH 50%, 25gram min; at RH 90%,35 gram min.The desiccant can still keep its dry appearance after adsorption without causing any pollution.It can be disposed of as normal trash after being used.