The appearance of FNG waterproof silica gel is white spherical particle, and the main component is SiO2·nH2O, which is a kind of high efficient desiccant by deep processing of silica gel.It has high microporous structure, acid resistance, alkali resistance and solvent resistance. It has a strong adsorption capacity for water vapor and is a high quality adsorption material with strong adsorption and high mechanical strength.
FNG waterproof silica gel insoluble in water and inorganic acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and strong caustic soda solution. FNG silica gel has the advantages of high water resistance, adsorption, high compressive strength, long service life and low regeneration crushing rate. It is mainly used for the dry storage of precision instruments and equipment and the dehydration of high purity gas. In petrochemical industry, electric industry, brewing and other industries as liquid adsorbent and as catalyst carrier, water treatment in water purification. It is mainly used for compressed air drying purification, air separation industry used as acetylene, carbon dioxide adsorbent; Water-resistant silica gel is mainly used for air drying in air separation process, compressed air and various industrial gas drying, industrial catalyst carrier; Industrial gas drying, water purification and other aspects.