Tofu Cat Litter, which will be available for sale starting on the 29th,Oct. Our tofu cat litter is newly launched, and the price concessions are strong.

Tofu cat litter is usually made from natural fresh bean curd residue or natural plant fiber.
The advantages of Tofu cat litter are as follow:
1.Cleaning is more convenient
Tofu cat litter is soluble in water, so it can be thrown directly into the toilet and washed away. There is no dust in the tofu cat litter, and the house will not have a layer of cat litter ash like the bentonite cat litter.
2.Safer ingredients
Good cat litter will not add any harmful substances. When cats use some good tofu cat litter, even if they eat one or two, there is no big problem.
3.Easy to carry
The composition of tofu cat litter is tofu and tofu fiber, so the texture will be lighter. It is easier and more convenient to carry than bentonite cat litter.