Silica microsphere

The silica microspheres have found the special application of nucleic acid isolation. The breif introduction is as follows,
1. The surface of silica microspheres carrys negative charges. Putting microspheres into a solution of Ca2+ (or Mg2+) ions, with good mixing, then every negative charge will pick up a Ca2+ (or Mg2+). This results in a positively charged surface.
2. Wash the microspheres with very clean deionized water to remove excess Ca2+ (or Mg2+).
3. Negatively charged DNA (or RNA) should then bind directly onto positively charged silica microspheres.
4. Washing the silica microsphere to remove the impurities of sample
5. Elute the DNA (or RNA) from the surface of silica microspheres; spin; remove the DNA (or RNA)-containing supernatant to clean tube.

Silica Microsphere can be used for agriculture application such as media support for beneficial microorganism’s preparation such as found in biofertilizers or bioinoculants.

1. Uniform silica beads are easy to resuspend

2. Bead uniformity prevents shearing of high molecular weight DNA

3. Nonporous, no low molecular weight DNA (or RNA) loss

4. Highly pure DNA (or RNA)

Silica microsphere