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Fragrant silica gel

Fragrant Silica Gel

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CharacterFragrant silica gel, a patent particle product developed recently, takes silica gel as carrier and essence, pearl powder, and edible pigment as accessories. It is a new, nontoxic product to keep air fresh and fragrant, and absorb moisture or harmful gas.

  • It is applicable for hotel, restaurant, office, living room, toilet and kitchen that can eliminate peculiar smell, cleanse air and ameliorate environment; moreover, it can cleanse air, clear-headed people, to improve efficiency. 
  • It is applicable for stationery, shoes and caps, costume, headgear and package that can enhance grade and flavor of products through cleansing humidity, eliminating peculiar smell and emitting fragrant flavor.
  • It can eliminate peculiar smell of tobacco and cleanse air if putting it in ashtray.
  • It is applicable for vehicles and kinds of auto that can eliminate air in vehicles; therefore, it can enforce attention and reaction of drivers through making a fresh and relaxed environment for drivers.

Size】1-3mm, 2-4mm, 3-5mm, 4-8mm: Lemon Aroma, Apple Aroma, Orange Aroma
Package】20kg,25kg PP woven bag or compound bag
Note】The moisture content, packing and size can be adjusted according to customer’s different requirements.

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