Silica gel supplier—Bouling Chemical Co., Ltd is primarily engaged in supplying silica gel since 2008. Our silica gel supplying plant is located in Shangdong province with supplying capacity of more than 50000MTs silica gel per year. We are supplying Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silica gel ,type C silica gel and special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel . We are Chinese supplier of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel supplied by us is of best quality which is widely used such as cat litter, desiccant silica gel, FNG waterproof cat litter in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.


Preferred Payment Terms:
1. Normally we prefer payment by 30% T/T in advance and balance T/T against copy of shipping documents
2. We also accept Open Account (O/A) 30-360 days’ payment which subjects to your good annual financial report and reputation. Your financial situation and reputation will be studied by our finance department and we will reply to you about our decision within 15 days. You also can deal with us by D/P at sight, D/P after sight and DA payment term.
3. We promise to give you a prompt reply within 24 hours. All our sales can speak fluent English which makes language communication easy and feasible……MORE


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Q: Is silica gel danderous or toxic?
A: Silica Gel is non-toxic and recognized as a “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) product by the FDA. The industry standard for Dry Food packaging is Silica Gel packaged in Tyvek, Tyvek is a more sturdy and tear resistant material then Cotton.
Some types of Silica Gel, which they consider Indicating Silica Gel, have been impregnated with cobalt chloride, which is blue silica gel when it is dry and turns to pink when it is saturated. There have been some significant health and environmental risks attributed to the use of cobalt chloride within the Silica Gel including possibly causing cancer, along with skin and respiratory irritation. We, along with several other retailers, offer a safer alternative which is Indicating Silica Gel that goes from orange to green and does not contain cobalt chloride.
Q: How much Silica Gel should I use for my application?
A: The coverage areas as stated are estimates when used in an enclosed air tight container. The amount of Silica Gel or Desiccant silica gel required will depend upon several factors including: the chemical characteristics of the product, volume contents of container, physical properties of the container, and conditions in which container will be stored/used. Use the chart below to get an idea of how much to start out using. Minimum Requirements: Container Size – Packet Size 70 cubic inches – ½ gram 100 cubic inches – ¾ gram 130 cubic inches – 1 gram 260 cubic inches – 2 grams 389 cubic inches – 3 grams 648 cubic inches – 5 grams 1296 cubic inches – 10 grams 2 cubic feet – 28 grams 4 cubic feet – 56 grams 8 cubic feet – 112 grams 16 cubic feet – 224 grams 32 cubic feet – 448 grams 15 cubic feet – 200 grams 33 cubic feet – 450 grams 57 cubic feet – 750 grams 66 cubic feet – 900 grams.


Bouling Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional SILICA GEL supplier

2.Flexible payment
A. Except for accepting normal payment terms like T/T in advance, L/C at sight or D/P at sight, our company can also consider such payment terms as deferred L/C and even Open Account (which means our customer can pay us certain days after the B/L date). O/A payment term is a big risk for us so we will verify our customer’s credit standing before confirming this payment term, but once you pass our verification,we will do O/A with you.

B.For Iran market Payment or remittance from Kunlun bank is acceptable. Safe and fast facilities for transferring CNY and Euro from Official Iranian Bank System. Better exchange rates than major banks.



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