Cat Litter

Silica gel cat litter, also known as crystal litter is is It is created by combining silicone, oxygen, and water. It is almost identical in composition to quartz sand. Millions of microscopic pores are present in silica gel crystals, which provide excellent moisture absorption. Each small pore can absorb up to 40 times its weight in liquid.The effectiveness of silicate gel allows it to absorb excess moisture from air masses in addition to liquid.


Appearence: round balls or transparent crystals that change color depending on the color and properties of the absorbed liquid.
1. High capacity and speed of absorption.
2. Waste-free, easy to use and clean
3. Consumed in small amounts, money saving
4. Safe, eco-friendly product
5. Easily accepted by pets
6. Does not contain dust particles, no dust appears around the floor.
7. Inhibit the growth of bacteria, make the environment more hygienic.
8. Has the ability to absorb water in the form of odor-preventing deodorizer.

How to use
1. On the clean litter nests on the shop a litter layer thickness is about 1.5 inches.Pour 4-6 centimeters of the substance into the tray, which should be dry and clean.

2. Regular cleaning the rubbish of the generation after use, in order to keep clean.Clean the tray each day and remove the trash.

3. If have more than one cat, can shorten the cycle of replacement of new cat litter , rather than placing more cat litter in litter box. It’s suggested that a bag of 3.6 L cat litter usage: a cat -one month, two cats- 15 days or so, three cats-10 days.Used granules are scooped up with a special scoop, which usually comes with cat litter, and should be thrown into the trash can. Clean granules remain in the tray.

4. After the cat litter to adsorption saturation time cleared from box with a spoon.The silica gel in the tray needs to be stirred once a day.

5. Put cat litter or sand in clean and free of moisture, to extend its service life.A bag of 3.6 L cat litter is advised for use by one cat for a month, two cats for about 15 days, and three cats for about 10 days.

6. Cat litter should be placed in a dry, clean area to prolong its serveice life