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Indicating Silica Gel

Indicating silica gel is very similar with normal silica gel beads, but it is chemically inert and the color-changing ability to indicate the amount of moisture it already absorbed. Indicating silica gel is used throughout the power generation and transmission industry for Transformer Breathers to protect the heat transfer cooling oil from moisture (condensed water) contamination. One of the principal reasons for the use of Indicating silica gel is its ability to release adsorbed moisture when heated to a temperature of over 100oC. This means it can recovered and used again. Indicating silica gel can theoretically be reactivated a number of times. This will depend on several key factors including the environmental conditions during use the reactivation temperature and reactivation procedure.The most typical indicating silica gel is Blue silica gel and Orange silica gel. Except that, none indicatng desiccant silica gel packets also proveded by us.

Indicating silica gel