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About us

Silica gel supplier Silica gel supplier----Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in manufacturing silica gel since 2001. Our silica gel manufacturing plant is located in Maanshan with manufacturing capacity of more than 500-MT silica gel per year. We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silic gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel . We are Chinese manufacturer of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel manufactured by us is of best quality which is widely used as cat litter, desiccant silica gel, FNG waterproof cat litter in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.
We added the production line of molecular sieve and special-purpose molecular sieve in 2005, and the production base covers an area of 11000m2, with 8000m2 of factory buildings, three production shops and annual output of 3,000 tons of molecular sieves.
In 2008, in order to enlarge our business scope, we combine a company, a professional manufacturer of glass microspheres , producing glass beads with various kinds, and annual output more than 8000 tons.