Silica gel cat litter lumps 2-8mm

Type C Silica gel cat litter

Silica gel cat litter lumps 2-8mm is type C cat litter, which is most widely popular in the market, Produced from carefully dried polysilicic acid gel, it has almost the same composition as sand. It obtains excellent absorbent properties due to the fact that the gel filler has granules with a porous structure.Cat litter made of silica gel work best in absorbing fluids and odor. They are affordable in addition to being hypoallergenic.



Features: eco-friendly, does not pollute the environment;safe, does not cause allergies in pets and their owners;convenient and practical to use, the granules do not stick to the paws, do not generate dust

Particle size
Irregular white glassy particles
Ratio of Size Qualified
Absorption, %
Rattler Loss,%
Bulk Density, g/l
Pore Volume,ml/g










Package available: 20KG PP bag/3.6L/3.8L/5L/7.5L/10L or as per customer’s request and design.

Additional colors: Blue/pink/green/red/yellow and so on.

Fragrance or odor: Apple/lemon/Lavender/fruits/Mint and so on.

Instructions: Fill a clean cat litter tray with a 3-6 cm layer of silica gel cat litter.
1. Remove the generated waste daily with a scoop.
2. Dispose of the used litter in the trash can.
3. Never flush silica gel litter down the toilet.
4. Store in a package away from food.