Silica gel cat litter large lumps 8-11mm

Silica gel cat litter large lumps 8-11mm


Large Pore Lump Cat Litters

Silica gel cat litter lumps 8-11mm is type C cat litter, which is recently developed by our factory. The size is larger than 2-8mm.

Large pore lump silica gel cat litter, also called type C cat litter appears as 8-11 mm crystalls of different colors. Silica gel crystals are inorganic in nature, so the reproduction of bacteria and fungi in them is impossible. It is able to preserve odors and due to its porous structure, silica gel granules are highly hygroscopic. As a result, the frequency of cleaning is reduced significantly. To maintain freshness, it is enough to remove solid waste daily and stir the crystals.


Silicate cat litter has a relatively high porosity, which enables it to absorb liquid quite readily and lower the surrounding humidity by up to 40%. It belongs to the group of chemically inactive, and is also not exposed to fire and high temperatures. There won’t be any odor in the room where such a tray of cat litter is present. The granules do not stick to the paws of the pet and the floor remains clean. Crystals absorb quite a large amount of liquid, which makes it possible to change the contents of the tray less often.

Particle size
Irregular white glassy particles
Ratio of Size Qualified
Absorption, %
Rattler Loss,%
Bulk Density, g/l
Pore Volume,ml/g










Package available: 20KG PP bag/3.6L/3.8L/5L/7.5L/10L or as per customer’s request and design.

Additional colors: Blue/pink/green/red/yellow and so on.

Fragrance or odor: Apple/lemon/Lavender/fruits/Mint and so on.