Beer silica gel

Beer silica gel


Silica gel for Beer is a kind of non-crystalline micro-porous solid powde. Its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2.nH2O, insoluble in water or any other solvent. It is nontoxic, tasteless, it possesses high stability under hot or cold atmosphere and is harmless to human body, mainly used in beer industry.Silica gel specially created for use in the beer industry. Appearence: Is a type of non-crystalline, microporous solid powder.Formula: mSiO2.nH2O.Properties: insoluble in water and other solvents.Substance is nontoxic,odorless. Has good stability in hot or cold environments, and is safe for human consumption.

Beer silica gel is mainly used for beer filtration and is an essential product for beer filtration. It is a solid powder with amorphous and porous structure. The pore size is 8~16nm, silica gel will not react in beer, does not affect the taste of beer, non-toxic, tasteless, and the price is not high, much cheaper than PVPP.


  • Use: It is applied for more efficient filtration and reliable stabilization in the production of beer. Silica gel effectively filters out turbidity in the drink, including yeast cells, proteins, polyphenols, and carbs. Silica gel stabilizers are used to achieve the highest level of transparency. It selectively adsorbs proteins and at the same time partially removes polyphenols, which are included in protein-tanning complexes. As a result of purification with silica gel, the beer has no sediment and acquires a transparent appearance, which remains for a long time. Product shelf life can be extended up to 12 months.
  • Benefits: The use of silica gel for beer has no negative effects on beer’s flavor—in fact, it enhances it since a variety of impurities that harm beer’s ability to taste are eliminated during interaction with silica gel. However,beer with a high degree of purification has an insufficient amount of foaming proteins. Therefore, in order to avoid a decrease in foaming, it is necessary to control the pore diameter so that foaming molecular weight proteins are not removed.
  •  Important parameters of silica gel from the point of view of beer stabilization are: surface, pore diameter, pore volume, fraction size distribution, pH value of silica gel solution in water, structure, purity, water content, dispersing power. It takes five minutes for silica gels to clear beer of around 90% of its turbid proteins.



Item Specification Typical Value
Pore volume, ml/g 0.9-1.5 1.1
Specific surface area, m2/g 300-600 435
Size(D50) µm 7-15 9.4
PH 3-6 5.6
Moisture %≤ 8.0 1.7
Heavy metal (by Pb) %≤ 0.003 <0.003
Lead(Pb) %≤ 0.001 <0.001
Arsenic(As) %≤ 0.0003 <0.0003



10kg per polyethylene compound bag.


  • Packing and size may be customized per your specific requirements.
  • In order to maintain the same level of filtration the amount of fine diatomite can be lowered accordingly based on the amount of gel being used
  • If the staring filter pressure is considered too fast and affects the output, we can specially produce for our customers the beer silica gel of fast filtering speed.

Minimum Order Requirement

The minimum order is one 20-foot container, which can holds about 10 to 16 metric tons of product.