Tofu Cat Litter & Silica Cat Litter

Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is made of natural plant material.It has no chemical additives and odour. Tofu cat litter eliminate the unpleasant smell of ammonia, quickly forms dense lump that easily dissolves in water.

Properties: Has no odour and prevents the smell of pets urine, quickly absorbs liquid, creates a lump when liquid ingress, is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Benefits: Tofu cat litter does not stick to pet fur and paws. The lumps are closely connected, easily removed from the cat litter and don’t collect any unnecessary debris. Due to the fibrous structure of tofu granules, the liquid is instantly absorbed.

It also helps to eliminate t unpleasant odours, the smell is securely locked in the resulting lump. It can be flushed down the drain without consequences. Due to the development of a dense lump, a complete replacement of the cat litter in the tray is not necessary. You save money by only throwing away used litter.

Tofu Cat Litter Application:

Materials:Tofu; green tea; corn; coffee and so on
Products Type: Toilet Products/Cat cleaning product
Shape: Cylindrical
Length: 5-15MM
Diameter: 2.9-3.5 mm
Dust: No dust
Color: White, Green, yellow,pink and so on
Fragrance/Scent: Natural , Coffee, Green Tea, Lemon, Corn,strawberry,honey peach ,activated carbon or as Request by customer

Tofu Cat Litter Specification:

Item Specifications
Dust Free
Color Milk white/green/pink….
Shape Cylindrical shape granules
Fragrance Natural , Lavender, Green Tea, Lemon
Length,mm 3-15
Diametter,mm 2.9-3.5
Absorption,% ≥ 300

Product Features:

  • Natural raw material & chemical free & absorbs instantly.
  • No dust, clean.
  • Super clumping ,strong odor control,eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Super absorbency, extra durability,completely dissolves in water.
  • 100% toilet friendly, biodegradable

Packages:In 6L(2.5KG/2.6KG/2.8KG) plastic bag ,6 bags/carton,835cartons/20GP,1665 cartons/40HQ,large fraction, dense solid sticks.

Also can pack as per customer’s requirement ,such as 5KG/10KG /25KG  or in Vacumm package.