Toothpaste silica gel

Toothpaste silica gel

Appearence: It is in the shape of amorphous powder, which is odorless and insoluble in water and acid.
Properties: In the process of toothpaste manufacture, the silica gel performs the functions of color changing, thickening, mildew prevention, water adsorption and oil adsorption. The structure and particle size of silicon dioxide can be effectively controlled by adjusting the production conditions.
Types: The toothpaste silica gel, which is made according to types of toothpaste, is available in three types: friction type, mixed type and thickening type.

1. Toothpaste silica gel features great physical and chemical stability. It does not react with other chemical components in the toothpaste, such as fluoride, herb, spice, etc.
2. It is non-toxic and safe to us as it doesn’t react with human body’s gastric juice, saliva, etc.
3. Made using high quality silica gel, it offers good abrasion resistance and great thixotropy, which helps keep the paste clinging to the toothbrush.
4. The density of toothpaste silica gel is lower than that of other materials, which means silica gel based paste could be used to produce a greater quantity of toothpaste.
5. Toothpaste silica gel comes in different models to suit user’s different requirements, such as high cleaning power (PCR) and high abrasiveness(RDA), low abrasiveness(the elderly and people with impaired teeth), medicine treatment, etc.

As an ideal stabilizer, toothpaste silica gel is widely used in the toothpaste, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Technical Data of Toothpaste Silica Gel

Item code Bulk density Silicon dioxide content Particle size Heavy metal (pb) Arsenic
Friction type 600–800g/l 99% 5-10micron ≤5ppm ≤3ppm
Mixed type 300-500g/l 99% 5-10micron ≤5ppm ≤3ppm
Thickening type 150-400g/l 99% 3-5micron ≤5ppm ≤3ppm