In our daily life, the utilization rate of silica gel is getting higher and higher. Even the appearance of food-grade silica gel, so food silica gel in the end is safe?

In fact, the material of food-grade silicone mold is mainly made of food-grade silicone, which is a kind of silica gel that can contact with food. It is not edible, and silica gel is not edible. Why is it said that food-grade silicone mold is non-toxic?

First of all, to understand the composition of the material, food grade silica gel is a kind of silica gel product that can be in direct contact with food. Its own non-toxic tasteless, non-toxic contact with the human body without side effects, its chemical properties are stable, in addition to caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid, under general conditions do not react with acid and alkali salt. And has the advantages of high transparency, no yellowing, no frost, soft, high tear resistance, high insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant. It has the advantages of good stability, aging resistance, environmental protection, high tensile strength and stable performance. Its excellent chemical stability and physical properties have been reasonably verified.

Second, food-grade silicone, there are two international standards, but also an important certificate of inspection is qualified, American FDA standards and European LFGB standard, such as silicone cake mold, bread silicone mold, pacifier, etc. Also need food grade silica gel, the two standard food-grade silicone products are nontoxic to contact with the food safety standards.

Silica gel is more popular in foreign countries, but it is not so popular in China. In the state of lax quality control, many people have doubts about the quality. And many of the products are questionable. The issue is not whether it is toxic, but how much consumers know about silicone products.

In general, food grade silicone mold in the end is not safe, can use the problem is mixed. But the qualified silicone mold is a comprehensive evaluation and consideration of the institution’s qualification, industry experience, external resources, successful cases and so on. More important is the need to start from the demand, all aspects of the key to measure. Therefore, the use of silicone is no problem for ordinary people, involving food, are not directly edible, no problem. As long as avoid high temperature, strong acid and alkali contact, the human body is safe. Industrial or various aspects of manufacturing use can be assured.