Silica cat litter is a popular type of cat litter made from silica gel, which is a porous and absorbent form of silica dioxide. Silica cat litter is known for its excellent odor control and high absorbency, making it an attractive choice for many cat owners. There are mainly two types of silica cat litter:

  1. Traditional Silica Cat Litter: This type of silica cat litter consists of small, round beads made from silica gel. The beads are designed to absorb and trap moisture and odors effectively. When your cat uses the litter box, the urine is quickly absorbed and turns into a solid gel, while the odor molecules are trapped inside the silica beads. This results in reduced odor and a drier litter box. Traditional silica cat litter usually comes in various colors and fragrances to appeal to cat owners.
  2. Crystal Silica Cat Litter: Crystal silica cat litter is similar to traditional silica litter but comes in the form of larger, irregular-shaped crystals. The crystals also absorb and lock in moisture and odors, offering good odor control and keeping the litter box dry. Crystal silica litter is generally more transparent or white in color, and some cat owners prefer it because it tends to be less dusty than traditional silica litter.

Both types of silica cat litter are non-clumping, which means they do not form solid clumps when they come into contact with liquid like some other types of cat litter (e.g., clay-based litter). Instead, the silica beads or crystals continue to absorb moisture until they reach their maximum capacity, at which point the litter should be replaced entirely.