Now the market many memory pillow, sleep pillow gimmicks to increase the sales of their own pillows. And we can find that most of the memory pillows in the market are made of silicone or latex. So which one is better, silicone pillows or latex pillows?

A lot of people would say latex pillows are good, but they’re not, but why are a lot of people talking? It looks like the people who make latex have more enthusiasm, because latex costs about the same as memory foam, but latex is expensive, and they make more money because they have more passion to sell, more motivation to create public opinion.

Pillows must be mainly comfortable and practical for sleep, followed by cervical vertebrae, followed by good skin, dust-free, suitable for cold and warm, durable and so on. Latex play is elastic, Q ball, elasticity is great, but the pillow is not practical, cervical spine is not easy to relax. People like latex, because it is beautiful and washable, because it is “milky white”, and the raw material rubber juice is a natural concept. Its soft, no dust and mites, suitable heating and cooling, durable, anti-static, and so on, these and memory cotton much the same. The problem is that some people are allergic to latex, do not absorb moisture, need to play a lot of holes (or the surface made of particles concave and convex) to some breathable, on the whole, latex is better than the previous pillow, but there is a gap compared with the memory pillow in all aspects.

Silicone pillow is made of gel foam material. Due to the strong elasticity of silicone, it can well fit the cervical spine, relieve cervical fatigue and help to improve sleep. The design of the silicone pillow is a ventilated structure, so it has the effect of antibacterial and mite removal. The silicone pillow has the advantages of anti-bacterial, anti-mite, soothing cervical vertebrae and improving sleep. If used for a long time, the skin will be dry. Due to the strong comparative adsorption of silica gel, it can quickly absorb the moisture of human skin and make the skin dry.

Silica gel pillow shape size is determined according to the principle of human body engineering design of customized, so in the process of daily use, silica gel pillows and the human body curve of the head, neck and other natural fit together, to help users improve cervical vertebra and lumbar under pressure, let users at the same time of sleep can feel very comfortable.

The unqualified silica gel pillow contains cobalt chloride, a toxic substance, which can cause human poisoning. So choose silicone pillow or need to be careful.

Silicone pillow latex pillow has its own advantages, consumers still need to combine their own needs to choose to use.