Molecular sieves are crystalline silicates or silicate aluminates formed by connecting sio2 tetrahedron or alumino tetrahedron through oxy-bridge bonds. The size of the molecular sieve (usually 0.3-2.0nm) has the characteristics of screening molecules through the channel and cavity system. Molecular sieve has strong moisture absorption capacity, so it is widely used as a desiccant and used for purification of gases. Direct exposure to air should be avoided when stored.
The molecular sieve is mainly composed of aluminum and silicon connected by an oxygen bridge to form an open skeleton structure. In the structure, there are many holes with uniform pore diameter and well-arranged holes with large surface area. Because the water molecules in the heated continuously losing, but crystal skeleton structure remains the same, has formed many of the same size of the cavity, the cavity has many of the same diameter pores is linked together, these small cavity diameter size uniform, can channel diameter smaller than the molecular adsorption to the interior of the cavity, and the hole bigger than molecular excluded, so the molecules of different diameter size shape, the degree of different polarity molecules, the boiling point of different molecules, degree of saturation of different molecular separation, which have the function of the “screening” molecules, known as molecular sieve. Molecular sieve is widely used in chemical, electronic, petrochemical, natural gas and other industries.
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