Silica for Rubber Industry

(Conventional Silica)CS

The Low Polymerizing & High Dispersion Silica developed for green tires couldsignificantly reduce rolling resistance, improve wet-skid resistance…

Easy Dispersion Silica

Easy Dispersible Silica is an innovative material designed to provide simple and efficient dispersion performance to meet the needs of different industries.

Environmentally protection GRanular Silica

Currently launches four series ofsilica for rubber industry use on the market: Conventional Silica(CS),environmentally protection & dustless GRanular Silica(GRS).

High Dispersion & Granule Silica

Highly dispersed and granular silica is an innovative material with excellent dispersion and particle properties. It is made of high-purity silica…

High Dispersion Silica

Highly dispersed silica is an advanced material with a wide range of application areas and excellent properties. It is made of high purity silica…