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Do you know Cat litter?

The cat sands have various colour and different scents. They very much attract and please the pets. Silica gel cat sands can control the growth of bacterium and keep the surface of the sands dry and cleen, so the pets may live in a safe and sanitary environment.

It is non-tracking, non-clumping, non-dust, with light weight, produces little waste, easy & safe for household use and can be disposed as normal waste.

Due to the unique size and shape, it does not stick to cats’paws and can keep litter from scattering or tracking out.

Bouling Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional SILICA GEL supplier. Our silica gel manufacturing plant is located in Maanshan with manufacturing capacity of more than 500-MT silica gel per year.

We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of  SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silic gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel.

Tofu Cat Litter, which will be available for sale starting on the 29th,Oct. Our tofu cat litter is newly launched, and the price concessions are strong.

Tofu cat litter is usually made from natural fresh bean curd residue or natural plant fiber.

The advantages of Tofu cat litter are as follow:

1.Cleaning is more convenient

Tofu cat litter is soluble in water, so it can be thrown directly into the toilet and washed away. There is no dust in the tofu cat litter, and the house will not have a layer of cat litter ash like the bentonite cat litter.

2.Safer ingredients

Good cat litter will not add any harmful substances. When cats use some good tofu cat litter, even if they eat one or two, there is no big problem.

3.Easy to carry

The composition of tofu cat litter is tofu and tofu fiber, so the texture will be lighter. It is easier and more convenient to carry than bentonite cat litter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us and send an email to Bouling Chemical Co., Ltd.



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Why isn’t my cat litter clumping?

Why isn’t my cat litter clumping Cat litter does not clump usually divided into cases one is the cat litter itself does not clump 

Second the cat litter that should clump cannot clump because the binder is not used enough In the market usually cat litter 

types wood sand crystal sand bentonite sand tofu cat litter If the use of wood sand pine cat litter it will encounter the situation of no clumping ,

 then this situation is normal Pine litter should have double litter box because it does not clump and when it comes into contact with urine it will disperse into powder and leak into the second layer of the litter box where it will not clump And the reason why 

cat litter clumps is because of the binder added to it Take tofu cat litter made from natural materials as an example 

The binder of tofu cat litter is guar gum extracted from natural plants which is expensive on the market If the amount used is not enough ,

the clashing effect of cat litter will be poor The main ingredients of tofu cat litter also to include bean curd residues and corn starch both of which have the effect of absorbing water expanding and bonding Bentonite litter is the most commonly used cat litter Condensation cat litter has strong hygroscopic property which can absorb water in feces and form large hard clumps 

When condensation cat litter absorbs urine it will form clumps so that it can be eliminated together when cleaning 

But the condensation cat litter particles are relatively small when the cat is used it is easy to get stuck in the cat’s toes so

 the cat will be easy to lick the condensation cat  littered after use and the dust is relatively large the cat will cough after smelling 

Pine cat litter is one of the representatives of non-caking cat litter Its absorbability is also good 

which can absorb water and urine in feces Moreover the particles of pine cat litter are relatively large So it is relatively 

economical when used Pine litter has a lot of friction so the cat won’t feel like it sinks when it’s used Pine cat litter of the use of the need for double litter box this is more troublesome and easy to damp some cats will not bury poop after use 

some pine cat litter taste is relatively large cats may not like it In addition there is tofu cat litter tofu cat litter is made of fresh bean curd residue 

is relatively environmentally friendly cat litter and bean curd residue is edible ,like to play with the cat litter accidentally ingested is no problem

Tofu litter is good for absorbability clumping and deodorization Tofu litter is soluble in water .

 So you can pour the tofu litter directly into the toilet when cleaning and the single layer of litter box can also be mixed with other litter .

 After looking at the comparison of the above cat litter many consumers prefer tofu cat litter 

which is easy to clean and good for clump formation Cat owners can choose Miaothink tofu cat litter of good reputation 

Then there’s the weather In the summer it can clump it is very convenient to shovel now this timed a lot of cat litter is not easy to clump 

cat litter or before the cat litter ,the same brand did not change the brand but now it pees good is not clump 

The weather has a lot to do with it .

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